I'm writing an essay and would like to examine a few people's different opinions on this question in order to help me choose my own:

Is the present US action in Iraq imperialism? Why?


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Thank you, but I would like to see some personal opinions as well.

We're not much for opinions here. We help do specific homework questions. This is a political issue and you need to get opinions elsewhere. Here is 2 more links. Be imaginitive and try to find forums or blogs that waller in opinions.
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Thanks, but a lot of people gave opinions for the topic "Why dogs are better than cats."

Cats/Dogs... It's not political. I just didn't want to start a political argument. People are dying like flies over in Iraq and America is divided rather starkly.Did you not find opinions in those links?

Sort of. Thanks though.

Imperialism is as much about intent as actoins.
Imperialists keep what they conquor.
Has the ownership of the resources of Iraq changed hands? Yes, most of them were sold to American or bBritish companies.

Imperialists seek to politically controll the people of a conquored aerea
Has the political situation been altered? Yes, if you only see the elections you may not think it is an attempt to controll, but the histories of some of the people in power there now have long standing connections to the American intelegence comunity. Pay close attention to what these people do. Such as the request they made last month that the US stay for "At least 10 years"

Imperialists build military bases in the conquored countries.
The US is building 13 'Superbases" in Iraq.

My opinion is that te U.S. presence in Iraq is a type of imperialism. Although our leaders deny it, I believe that Iraq's oil reserves and our desire to exert some control over them provided a strong motivation for the invasion. In addition, the stated goal of "democratizing" Iraq means that we were attempting to push our ideals and values upon a foreign country. Thank goodness no one is strong enough to impose foreign values on the U.S.

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You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. It seems like you found some valuable information and opinions to consider for your essay. Remember to present a balanced argument and support your own opinion with evidence and reasoning. Good luck with your essay! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.