Please fill in the blank with the appropriate response.

____________ is an effect of punishment,
not discipline.

A. Bolstered self-esteem
B. Promoting a child's ability to think
C. Conformity to the adult's behavioral
D. Gradual self-control

Would the correct answer be:

Please, I NEED HELP!

C is correct.

Teachers attuned to their role in affecting children's behavior who are also well grounded in the developmental process know that problem behaviors are normal and that:

A. children pattern their responses after adult behaviors.

B. children are more likely to pattern their at-home behavior after their teacher than after their parents or guardians.

C. they need to establish discipline and communication guidelines that ignore any competing cultural values.

D. they should adjust consequences of misbehavior based on the gender and cultural background of the student.

Yes, you are correct. The appropriate response to fill in the blank would be (C) Conformity to the adult's behavioral expectations. This answer describes a common effect of punishment, where the individual being punished is likely to conform to the expectations and rules set by the adult figure in order to avoid further punishment.