what are the goods & services of each state?

The commerce?

please see:



Goods of each state usually refer to the agricultural or manufactured products (like wheat, fruit, cars, electronics, steel) produced in the state. Services are the industries that don't produce tangible items. Services include insurance, education, government, retail stores, etc.

MS. SUE I need to unscramble countries. I have 18 of them. i got them all except these 3 which I'm having a very hard time with can you please help me. they are---Bpsouors---Mkakha---hrpuiReE esavr---THANK YOU JAZMINE

Mkakha is Makkah

Certainly, Jazmine! Let's unscramble the countries you provided:

1. Bpsouors: This unscrambles to "South Korea."
2. Mkakha: This unscrambles to "Kuwait."
3. hrpuiReE esavr: This unscrambles to "United States."

So the unscrambled countries are South Korea, Kuwait, and United States. Well done on figuring out the rest of the countries!