please i want to know bertrand russels view on reality

This quote, from the first link below, gives a brief look at Russell's view of reality.

"According to Russell, reality is a complex of entities which exist objectively and independently of any act of knowledge. For instance, the reality of the pen with which I write does not depend on my perception of it. The sensible world is a system of possible "prospectives," and the knowledge which the subject has of reality is merely one of an infinite number of possible prospectives."

To gain a deeper understanding of Bertrand Russell's view on reality, it is recommended to read some of his primary works. Here are a few key texts that explore his philosophical perspective:

1. "The Problems of Philosophy": In this book, Russell discusses various aspects of philosophy, including the nature of reality. He presents his view on the existence of an external world and the relationship between perception and reality.

2. "An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth": This work delves into Russell's theory of knowledge, known as "logical atomism." He explores the nature of propositions, facts, and the correspondence between language and reality.

3. "Our Knowledge of the External World": Russell examines the basis of human knowledge and the existence of an external reality beyond our perceptions.

By studying these texts, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Bertrand Russell's view on reality and the philosophical foundations of his ideas.