What is the effectiveness of presenting most of a short story as a flashback?

The flashback not only provides "history" but also creates "mystery".
This site gives a great explanation of the its use in writing and storytelling.

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Sorry, but I'm unable to check or provide information from external websites. However, I can explain the effectiveness of presenting most of a short story as a flashback and provide some insights on the topic.

Presenting most of a short story as a flashback can be an effective storytelling technique that adds depth and complexity to the narrative. Here are a few reasons why using flashbacks can be effective:

1. Creating suspense and mystery: By starting the story in the present and then shifting to the past through a flashback, the reader is intrigued and left wondering about the events that have led up to the current situation. This helps to build suspense and keep the reader engaged throughout the story.

2. Providing background information: Flashbacks can be used to provide important context and backstory about the characters, events, or setting of the story. It allows the readers to gain a deeper understanding of the characters' motivations, relationships, and past experiences, which adds depth to the narrative.

3. Adding emotional impact: When a story is presented as a flashback, it can evoke strong emotions from the readers. By showing significant moments from the characters' past, the writer can create a more profound connection between the reader and the story, resulting in a more impactful experience.

4. Enhancing the narrative structure: Flashbacks can be used to play with the chronological order of events, creating a more complex and layered narrative structure. This can keep the reader engaged as they piece together the information from the present and past, leading to a more satisfying reading experience.

However, it is worth noting that the effectiveness of using flashbacks depends on various factors, including the skill of the writer, the story's genre, and the specific narrative goals. It is essential to use flashbacks judiciously and ensure they serve a purpose in advancing the story rather than becoming a distraction.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of presenting most of a short story as a flashback lies in its ability to create suspense, provide background information, add emotional impact, and enhance the narrative structure.