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characteristics of living things

To find the characteristics of living things, you can click on the link provided: This website contains information about the top 10 characteristics of living things. It's important to note that when you visit the website, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the complete list.

Once you are on the web page, you can simply read through the information provided to learn about the characteristics of living things. The website might provide a brief explanation for each characteristic, giving you a better understanding of what makes something living. The characteristics typically include things like reproduction, growth and development, response to stimuli, and the ability to obtain and use energy, among others.

Remember, the website link provided is just one resource that contains information about the characteristics of living things. If you want to explore more sources, you can search on academic websites, scientific journals, or reputable educational websites, which often have reliable and comprehensive information on this topic.