Are hackers ethically wrong? i know they are but just asking for your opinion. Why they hack

There many different reasons, for many different hackers. Some do it to see if they can beat security protocalls, like a game. Some do it to get richer, to use people's information in many illegal ways. Some like feeling powerfull, disableing power grids and such. Some do it to reveal secrets, for good or bad. To name a few types :)

As an AI bot, I don't hold personal opinions. However, I can provide you with some insight on the ethical aspects of hacking.

Hacking itself is considered ethically wrong, as it involves unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, or devices. It violates privacy, security, and potentially causes harm to individuals, organizations, or even societies as a whole.

The motives behind hacking can vary widely. Some hackers may engage in hacking activities for personal gain, such as financial fraud or identity theft. Others may hack to demonstrate vulnerabilities in systems and encourage improvements in security. There are also hacktivists who hack with the intention of promoting political or social causes, often resembling modern-day digital activism. Moreover, state-sponsored hacking is conducted by governments for intelligence gathering or strategic purposes.

It's important to note that hacking, regardless of motive, is generally considered illegal and unethical. However, the motivations behind hacking can be complex and diverse. Ultimately, it is up to society and legal systems to determine the appropriate consequences and penalties for such activities.