who is the father of the modern day periodic based on x-ray differaction experiments

Father? Moseley, xrayed about three dozen elements, and his straight line plots of two bands of xrays uncovered the relationship of atomic number. I am not certain he would want to be called Papa of the modern day periodic table. His work did for the basis of what we now know as the periodic law.

The father of the modern-day periodic table, based on X-ray diffraction experiments, is not a single person but rather a culmination of contributions from several scientists. However, one notable figure in this context is Henry Moseley.

Henry Moseley was an English physicist who conducted X-ray diffraction experiments on various elements in the early 20th century. By analyzing the X-ray spectra of different elements, Moseley discovered a pattern in the X-ray frequencies that correlated with the elements' atomic numbers. This led to the realization that the fundamental property determining an element's position in the periodic table was its atomic number, rather than its atomic mass, as was previously believed.

Moseley's experiments and subsequent discoveries provided strong evidence for the concept of atomic number and laid the foundation for the modern understanding of the periodic table. While he may not specifically be referred to as the "father" of the periodic table, Moseley's work significantly contributed to the development of the periodic law and the organization of elements based on atomic number.