We have been assinged a tast to write a journal entry essay on a subordinate group. I have all of the information but have no idea on how to make a journal (I have never had one of those) any ideas would be great. Thanks Jeff

A journal entry is an oppinion peice.

Here is an excellent site on Journal writing.


i have been asigned to write journal entery and i havent been doing it then our teacher told us that it is our assesment and i havnet done one sonce march and im panicking cause im not very good at english. can anybody help me?

To create a journal entry essay on a subordinate group, you can follow these steps:

1. Start with an engaging introduction: Begin your journal entry by introducing the subordinate group you have chosen and provide some background information about them. You can include details such as their history, culture, and particular challenges faced by the group.

2. Express your thoughts and opinions: Since a journal entry is a personal opinion piece, share your own perspectives and feelings about the subordinate group. Reflect on what you have learned about them, any biases or stereotypes you may have had, and how your understanding of the group has evolved throughout your research.

3. Provide evidence and examples: To support your viewpoints, include relevant facts, statistics, or anecdotes to bolster your arguments. Use reputable sources such as books, articles, or academic journals to back up your claims and provide a well-rounded perspective on the subordinate group.

4. Reflect on personal experiences or connections: If you have had any personal experiences or interactions with the subordinate group, discuss how those experiences have shaped your understanding and perception of them. This can provide a unique and insightful perspective in your journal entry.

5. Discuss the impact of the subordinate group: Consider the social, political, and cultural impact of the subordinate group you are writing about. Discuss the challenges and discrimination they face in society, as well as any triumphs or advancements they have achieved. Highlight any notable individuals or events related to the subordinate group that have influenced society.

6. Conclude with a reflection: Wrap up your journal entry by summarizing your main points and briefly summarizing your overall thoughts and feelings about the subordinate group. Reinforce the significance of studying and understanding different subordinate groups to promote inclusivity and social justice.

7. Revise and edit: Once you have finished writing your journal entry, revise and edit for clarity, coherence, and grammar. Check for any factual inaccuracies or logical inconsistencies. Ensure that your ideas flow smoothly and that your writing effectively conveys your thoughts and opinions.

Remember, the purpose of a journal entry is to provide a personal reflection and share your thoughts and opinions. It should be written in a casual, conversational tone while still maintaining a strong focus on supporting evidence and presenting a well-rounded understanding of the subordinate group. Good luck with your essay!