okay so I have to make a presentation on Bloc Quebecois and it must be creative. i cant do a bulletin board or poster board or just the classic essay format, i cant even do a journal or a diary of lucien bouchard. My teacher must be crazy cause i cant think of anything else that would fit the "creative" description...any ideas?

How about from the perspective of a newly emmagrated person? As they encountered the first mention of the concepts involved to devotee (or detractor, or neutral)

That's a great idea to approach your presentation from a unique perspective! To further develop your presentation on the Bloc Quebecois from the perspective of a newly immigrated person, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by conducting research: Begin by researching the history, goals, and political stances of the Bloc Quebecois. Understand their position on important issues, such as Quebec sovereignty and their representation in Canadian politics.

2. Set the stage: Imagine you are an immigrant arriving in Quebec, unfamiliar with the political landscape and the concept of the Bloc Quebecois. Think about the questions, confusion, and curiosity you might have as you settle into your new environment.

3. Dive into the concepts: Begin your presentation by introducing the basic political concepts involved, such as federalism, nationalism, separatism, and regional representation. Explain these ideas in simple terms, as if you were explaining them to someone who has no background knowledge.

4. Plot the journey: As your presentation unfolds, think about the reactions of your character (the newly immigrated person) as they encounter the first mentions of the concepts related to the Bloc Quebecois. How do they perceive it? Are they intrigued, confused, or indifferent? You can use fictional dialogue, illustrations, or multimedia elements to make it engaging.

5. Explore different perspectives: Once the foundational concepts are established, present different perspectives on the Bloc Quebecois as your character learns more about it. Incorporate their observations, experiences, and interactions with locals, political figures, or community members who support or oppose the party. This will allow you to showcase a well-rounded understanding of the political climate surrounding the Bloc Quebecois.

6. Analyze and conclude: Towards the end of your presentation, reflect on your character's journey of discovery and understanding. Address whether they have become a devoted follower, a vocal critic, or have chosen to remain neutral towards the Bloc Quebecois. Use this moment to summarize their experience and the reasons behind their decision.

7. Presentation format: To ensure your presentation meets the creative criteria, consider using multimedia elements such as video clips, images, or slides with minimal text. You can also incorporate storytelling techniques, such as narrating your character's experiences or creating a mini-drama that unfolds throughout the presentation.

Remember to practice your presentation beforehand to ensure a smooth delivery. By presenting the Bloc Quebecois through the unique lens of a newly immigrated person, you will be able to engage your audience and provide a fresh perspective on the topic. Good luck!