i have to write about a time that i've broken a promise or a time that somebody has broken a promise to me. can anybody help me think of something? it can be made up. i can think of a few things but nothing that i would be able to write a whole essay over.

Don't make it up. You have broken promises to your mom many times. You have broken promises to yourself Many more times.

In the essay, you can include more than just the event: discuss the nature of the intent to keep promises, what influenced you, what could have been done to prevent it, etc.

Certainly! Writing about a personal experience can add more depth and emotion to your essay. Here's an idea for a time that somebody has broken a promise to you:

Title: Betrayed Trust: A Broken Promise

Share a brief description of the situation and the person who betrayed your trust. Explain the significance of the promise and its impact on your relationship.


1. Setting the context:
Describe the circumstances surrounding the promise and its importance to both parties involved. Was it a verbal agreement or a written commitment? Highlight the significance of trust and reliability in maintaining interpersonal relationships.

2. The broken promise:
Explain how the person failed to fulfill their commitment. Provide specific details about the promise and the expectations attached to it. Discuss how this breach of trust affected you emotionally and how it impacted your relationship with the individual.

3. Reflection and introspection:
Discuss your initial reaction to the broken promise. Did you feel hurt, angry, or disappointed? Reflect on the reasons behind this person's inability to keep their promise. Explore if there were any underlying factors or external circumstances that contributed to their actions.

4. Lessons learned:
Explain how this experience affected your perception of promises and trust. Discuss any lessons you gained from going through this disappointment. Consider whether you could have communicated your expectations more effectively or taken preventative actions to avoid the broken promise.

5. Rebuilding trust or moving forward:
Share your thoughts on whether trust can be regained after someone breaks a promise or if it is irreparably damaged. Discuss any steps the person took to make amends or any attempts you made to heal the relationship. Conclude with your current perspective on forgiveness and the potential for growth and understanding.

Summarize the impact of this broken promise on your life and relationships. Reflect on the valuable insights gained from this experience and how you have grown as an individual. Emphasize the importance of trust, transparency, and open communication in building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Remember, you can adapt this framework or personalize it to fit your own experiences and writing style. Good luck with your essay!