Could someone please tell me what the word of 'pocket' as in 'pants pocket' is in Spanish? I used a translator, but I thought there was another word for it.

¿Cómo se dice 'pocket' en Español?

Thanks in advance. :)

El (casilla, bolsillo)de mi pantalon'

You can use either casilla or bosillo. I have heard bolsillo more often.

There is no specific word for pants pocket.

El bolsillo de mi pantalon/

To find the translation for the word "pocket" in Spanish, you can use various methods. One common method is to use an online translator, such as Google Translate or WordReference. However, it's important to note that translators may not always provide the most accurate translations.

Another way to find translations is by consulting a reliable Spanish-English dictionary. Pocket can be translated as "bolsillo" in Spanish. This word is commonly used to refer to a pocket in general, including the ones found in pants.

However, there are also some regional variations in Spanish. In certain countries or regions, the word "casilla" may be used instead of "bolsillo" to refer to pockets. This may be the reason why you thought there was another word for it.

In conclusion, to say "pocket" in Spanish, you can use "bolsillo" as the most standard and widely recognized term.