Create an image that depicts two groups of flowers. In the first group, there are three flowers each with four petals situated in a loose arrangement. The second group contains three flowers as well, however, each of these flowers is composed of five petals and they are arranged in a triangle formation. The overall image is intended as a visual aid for a first-grade math problem, and it should have a cheerful, educational feel to it. Importantly, the image should contain no text.

First grade math Tell the Rule? Group 1 3 flowers w/4 petals each Group 2 3 flowers w/five petals each in triangle?

Rule + 2


3 petals

The "rule" is "add one"...the pattern added ONE petal to each flower from group #1 to group #2. The NEXT set will be three flowers with SIX PETALS. Don't you just LOVE elementary math? I sure don't remember learning that kind of nonsense.

I'm not too sure about what you are asking, but I will try.

Multiply the number of flowers by the number of petals to obtain the total number of petals. Is this what you are looking for?

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

To determine the rule between group 1 and group 2, we need to compare the number of petals in each group.

In group 1, there are 3 flowers, and each flower has 4 petals. So, the total number of petals in group 1 is 3 × 4 = 12 petals.

In group 2, there are also 3 flowers, but each flower has 5 petals arranged in a triangle. To find the total number of petals in group 2, we need to count the petals in each flower and then add them together. Since each flower has 5 petals, the total number of petals in group 2 is 3 × 5 = 15 petals.

Comparing the number of petals in group 1 (12 petals) and group 2 (15 petals), we can see that the rule is that group 2 has 3 more petals than group 1.

So, the rule can be stated as follows: In group 2, there are 3 more petals than in group 1.

what is tell the rule?