hi i'm a little confused.

i know UC colleges want teacher recommendation letters but i have been doing research and while the last day to turn in the college application is november 30th, the teacher recommendation letters are due later for some.

is that true. like UC Davis: it says the letter is due by Jan 15th. is that false or true

Call the school. Ask for admittance department. Find it in the schools directory. Usually you can email them.

It's great that you're doing your research! The deadline for teacher recommendation letters may vary among different colleges and universities, including UC Davis. In this case, if the UC Davis website states that the letter is due by January 15th, then it is likely true.

To further confirm this information, I suggest reaching out to the admissions department at UC Davis. You can find their contact details on the UC Davis website. Typically, you can either call the school and ask for the admissions department or search for their email address in the school's directory. By contacting them directly, they can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the deadline for teacher recommendation letters.