I have to do a report on the Mediterranean. 20 people are going to be dropped there. They have to make their own homes with local materials. Please help me research on this. this report is due tom.!

Use rocks and mud or burrow in hillsides. They are everywhere. Many lumber resources are extremely scarace there due to thousands of years of human occupation.

light, fast growing plants too.

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9 months ago

To research and gather information for your report on building homes with local materials in the Mediterranean, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by searching for reliable sources of information. Online platforms such as academic databases, government websites, and reputable news sources can provide valuable information on Mediterranean architecture, traditional building techniques, and available local resources. You can also consult books or visit your local library for additional resources.

2. Look for specific information on the types of materials traditionally used in Mediterranean home construction. This may include rocks, mud, and other locally available materials. Explore how these materials were used, the techniques involved, and their durability in the region's unique climate.

3. Investigate building methods using rocks and mud. Search for examples of traditional Mediterranean homes built with these materials, as well as any contemporary or sustainable techniques that incorporate them. Look for information on the construction process, including how the materials are sourced, prepared, and utilized.

4. Consider exploring the option of burrowing homes in hillsides, as you mentioned. Look for examples of ancient cave dwellings or modern underground structures in the Mediterranean region. Research the advantages, challenges, and safety considerations associated with creating homes within hillsides.

5. Research the availability of lumber resources in the Mediterranean region and the reasons for their scarcity. Look into the historical context and the impact of thousands of years of human occupation on local forests. Find alternative solutions to meet the construction needs of the 20 people, such as using lightweight, fast-growing plants or sustainable building materials that are less reliant on lumber.

6. Make sure to include information about the Mediterranean climate and how it influences architectural design and material choices. The Mediterranean is known for its hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Explore how local building techniques and the selection of materials have evolved to adapt to these specific climate conditions.

Remember, when conducting your research, be sure to gather information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and reliability. As you gather information, take concise notes and organize them in a way that will make it easier for you to compose your report. Good luck with your assignment!