We had two riddles to solve... 1st. I am slow when i'm young. Have six legs, large eyes, four wings, exoskeloten,looks like a helicopter when I fly and hunt over water. Unscramble these letters- cqzfnmekx

2nd. live in cold water fast strong swimmer, slim slead and colorful. Eat insects of my own kind, spawn eggs in the spring and am cold blooded. Unscramble these letters- qzhmanv sqnes

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9 months ago

To solve these riddles, we need to unscramble the given letters to form words that describe the objects being described. Let's start with the first riddle.

1. Unscrambling the letters "cqzfnmekx" gives us the word "dragonfly." A dragonfly fits the description given in the riddle: "slow when young, has six legs, large eyes, four wings, exoskeleton, and looks like a helicopter when flying and hunting over water." So the answer to the first riddle is "dragonfly."

Now, let's move on to the second riddle.

2. Unscrambling the letters "qzhmanv sqnes" gives us the word "zebrafish." A zebrafish matches the given description: "lives in cold water, is a fast and strong swimmer, is slim and colorful, eats insects of its own kind, spawns eggs in the spring, and is cold-blooded." Therefore, the answer to the second riddle is "zebrafish."

By unscrambling the given letters, we were able to form the correct words that solve each riddle.