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What fabric was used to plug the eye sockets of the mummies?

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she means the mummies from egypt or whatver!LOL wow...

I have seen it, my guess is cotton since it is native to the aerea. neither of my encyclopedias had it.

I need to know too, I'm not sure. My teacher is really frgin mentaly ed

To find out what fabric was used to plug the eye sockets of the mummies, we can start by looking at authentic historical sources, such as scholarly articles and books on ancient Egyptian mummification practices.

It's important to note that the purpose of plugging the eye sockets of mummies was not to "bandage" or "heal" them but rather to provide a more lifelike appearance during the mummification process and burial. This practice involved removing the brain through the nostrils and inserting materials into the eye sockets.

One common material used in ancient Egyptian mummification was linen, a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen was extensively used in many aspects of ancient Egyptian life, including clothing, burial wrappings, and other funerary practices. It was durable and readily available in the region.

By researching scholarly sources or consulting experts in Egyptology, one can find specific details about the mummification process and the materials used during different periods of ancient Egypt. These sources often describe the use of linen or sometimes papyrus as materials inserted into the eye sockets of the mummies.

In conclusion, while cotton is a native plant to the region, historical evidence suggests that linen or papyrus was the fabric commonly used to plug the eye sockets of the mummies in ancient Egypt.