Identify the policy among intellectuals and politicians during the 16th century through out Europe.

Please explain your question specifically. What kind of policy?

I believe it is the policy toward religion and religious toleration.

This has quite a number of sites and references which will be of help.

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9 months ago

During the 16th century, Europe experienced a period of significant religious and political change known as the Protestant Reformation. This movement was characterized by a shift away from the dominant Catholic Church and the emergence of various Protestant denominations. The policies towards religion and religious toleration during this time varied across different regions and rulers.

To gain a deeper understanding of the policies among intellectuals and politicians in 16th-century Europe, you can consult various historical sources, research papers, and academic books that focus on this period. One useful resource is Everything2, an online platform that provides information and insights on a wide range of topics. They have a specific page dedicated to the Protestant Reformation, which covers the policies and events of the 16th century in Europe. This source can give you a comprehensive overview of the subject and help you understand the various viewpoints, policies, and their implications during that time.

By reading and analyzing different historical texts and sources, you will be able to identify the specific policies implemented by intellectuals and politicians in relation to religion and religious toleration. It is important to consider the context, geographical location, and individual beliefs of the rulers and intellectuals involved, as these factors influenced their policies and decisions.