If you had to start and finish at the same line of a racetrack, which lane would you choose? The inside lane has an obvious advantage. for a race to be fair, runners in the inside lanes must be given head starts.

Design a four-lane oval track with straightaways and semicircular ends. Show start and finish lines so that an 800-meter racd can be run fairly in four lanes. The distance of one lap in the inner lane must be 800 meters.

Your project must contain

.A detailed drawing with labeled lenghts.
.An explanation of the part that radius, lane width, and straightaway lenght plays in the design.

if on your comp. u have paint, then use it. drag even circles on the area then...

One lap around a park is 1/3 of a mile. It takes Andy 1/9 of an hour to walk one lap. What is Andy's unit rate around the park?