i need to write a biography and a birth certificate on george brown.

but i have no idea what a biography, birth certificate are suposed to look like

use search engines and use images

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Your parents probably have a copy of your own birth certificate.

For a biography, visit the following site to see the pattern. You begin with the date of birth and continue with each important step in the person's life, ending with the death.


For a birth certificate:


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9 months ago

To write a biography on George Brown, you would typically start with the foundational information about him, such as his date of birth, place of birth, and any notable details about his early life. Then, you would progress through the different significant events and achievements in his life, providing a comprehensive overview of his personal and professional journey.

To get a better understanding of what a biography looks like and how it is structured, you can use search engines. One useful website to refer to is Biography.com (http://www.biography.com/). This site provides a wide range of biographies on various individuals and can serve as a reference point to see the typical structure and content of a biography.

As for creating a birth certificate for George Brown, you can find templates and examples online by using search engines and images. One possible website you can visit is NationalBirthCertificate.com (https://www.nationalbirthcertificate.com/birth_certificate.html). They provide an example of a birth certificate that you can reference and use as a guide.

Remember to use these resources as references to understand the structure and format of a biography and birth certificate, but ensure that the information you include is accurate and specific to George Brown.