Here is a prompt:

Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were promoted as champions of the "common man". By looking at the long careers of both men it is quite obvious that only Thomas Jefferson truly lived up to this title.
To what extent is this true?

I am supposed to write a speech on this for my AP US History class. Could some give me some ideas for a suggested outline or anything else? Thanks.

Basically, you'll be writing a comparison/contrast paper to be presented aloud. Here is an excellent page to explain and give examples for organizing such a paper:
And here is a graphic organizer to help you brainstorm your topic:
Scroll down to see the different ways Venn Diagrams can look.

Here are sites on Thomas Jefferson:

And here are sites on Andrew Jackson:

These should get you started. Please re-post if you have further questions.


To begin your speech on comparing and contrasting Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as champions of the "common man," here is a suggested outline that you can follow:

1. Introduction
- Introduce the main topic of the speech: the extent to which both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson lived up to the title of being champions of the "common man."
- Provide a brief background on the concept of the "common man" and its significance in American history.

2. Overview of Thomas Jefferson
- Discuss Jefferson's early life, including his upbringing and education.
- Highlight Jefferson's political career, focusing on his role in the American Revolution and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.
- Emphasize Jefferson's belief in limited government, agrarian democracy, and his efforts to empower ordinary citizens.

3. Assessment of Jefferson's Policies and Actions
- Discuss Jefferson's efforts to reduce government power and expand individual liberties, such as the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition.
- Evaluate Jefferson's stance on slavery and Native Americans, addressing possible contradictions or limitations in his support for the "common man."

4. Overview of Andrew Jackson
- Discuss Jackson's background, including his military career and rise to political prominence.
- Highlight Jackson's reputation as a populist leader and his appeal to the working class.
- Mention the significance of Jackson's presidency and his policy agenda.

5. Assessment of Jackson's Policies and Actions
- Discuss Jackson's efforts to expand democracy, such as the expansion of voting rights for white men and his fight against the elite establishment.
- Evaluate Jackson's treatment of Native Americans, his controversial economic policies, and his role in expanding executive power.

6. Comparison of Jefferson and Jackson
- Compare and contrast the policies and actions of Jefferson and Jackson in relation to their promotion of the "common man."
- Highlight the ways in which Jefferson's belief in limited government differed from Jackson's more assertive leadership style.
- Evaluate the extent to which each leader actually lived up to the title of being a champion of the "common man," considering their achievements, limitations, and impact on American society.

7. Conclusion
- Summarize the main points discussed in the speech.
- Reiterate the significance of comparing and contrasting Jefferson and Jackson as champions of the "common man."
- Offer your own perspective on the extent to which each leader lived up to the title.

As you conduct your research, using the provided links to explore the backgrounds, policies, and actions of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson will provide you with the necessary information to support your arguments and develop a well-rounded speech. Good luck!