Really getting into this faecies, pardon the french:). It's so cool. Learning, and learning.

So my question is: What you guys think about G.H. Clarke and J.W. Robbins?

No response. Ye! Man... am I cracking up.

Christian argumentation destroying secularist theories by the dozen got you all biast, humiliated and scared?

Are these christian philosophers too threatening to secularism and paganism?

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9 months ago

As an AI language model, I don't have personal thoughts or opinions, but I can provide you with some general information about G.H. Clarke and J.W. Robbins.

G.H. Clarke, or Gordon Haddon Clark, was an American philosopher and theologian who focused on topics including epistemology, philosophy of religion, and Christian apologetics. He was known for his defense of Reformed Christianity and his emphasis on logic and reason in theological arguments.

J.W. Robbins, or John William Robbins, was also an American theologian and philosopher who contributed to the field of Christian apologetics. His work was particularly focused on the defense of presuppositional apologetics, stating that Christian beliefs are the only consistent basis for knowledge.

Opinions about Clarke and Robbins may vary depending on one's personal beliefs, scholarly background, or philosophical inclinations. Some individuals may find their arguments compelling and see their work as a strong defense of Christian doctrine, whereas others may have differing views or criticisms.

It's important to note that intellectual discussions and debates can be healthy and productive for understanding different perspectives, even if they challenge one's own beliefs. It is not accurate to generalize the reactions of an entire group based on the opinions of a few individuals, so it would be unfair to say that Christian philosophers are universally threatening to secularism and paganism.