I read some biological SA on the unborn baby...

Can't believe it! Biologically, the unborn babe is human.

Then, this means, abortion is murder!!! And that is against the LAW!

Why then are our governments allowing such heinous crime?

Sugichi, There are many different opinions on this subject. Many scientists, ethicists, doctors, etc. believe that the embryo is not human. You will need to study both sides of the question carefully in order to make a personal decision on this question. Here are some sites you might want to look at:




To answer a technicality, legaly speaking, "persons" are the victoms of crimes (murder, whatever),not "humans".

Now you are set in the proper vernacular for the arguement over the estamation of when "personhood" begins.

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9 months ago

The question of when personhood begins is a complex and controversial topic that spans the fields of biology, ethics, and law. It is important to consider multiple perspectives and gather information from reliable sources in order to form an informed opinion.

When it comes to determining whether the unborn fetus is considered human, biological factors play a significant role. From a biological standpoint, it is widely accepted that the unborn fetus is of human origin, as it possesses human DNA and is developing into a human being. However, the question of personhood goes beyond biology and delves into philosophical and ethical considerations.

Different individuals and societies may have varying opinions on when personhood begins. Some argue that personhood begins at conception, pointing to the biological fact that a unique human organism with its own DNA is formed at this stage. Others believe that personhood begins at different developmental milestones, such as when the fetus is capable of experiencing pain or has acquired sufficient brain function.

Regarding the legality of abortion, laws vary across different countries and jurisdictions. Governments have the difficult task of balancing the rights and autonomy of the pregnant woman against the potential value of the life of the unborn fetus. The determination of whether abortion is considered murder is dependent on the legal definition of murder within a particular jurisdiction. Abortion laws typically take into account various factors including gestational age, the health of the mother, and specific circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.

Ultimately, it is important to engage in open and respectful dialogue, consider scientific evidence, and review legal frameworks to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding the topic of abortion and its legality.