1.During a tennis serve,the top of the raquet,which is 15m from its pivot point,accelerats from rest to a speed of 10m/s in a time of 0.10s.Calculate the average tangential acceleration and the top of the racquet and also its angular acceleration.

Tangential acceleration = change speed/time

angular acceleration= tangential acceleration / radius

what are pivots

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9 months ago

In the context of your question, a pivot refers to the point around which an object rotates or experiences angular motion. In this case, the pivot point is the point on the tennis racket where it is held or attached to the player's hand.

The term "pivot" can be used in various scenarios, but it generally refers to a fixed or movable point on which something rotates or hinges. For example, a door hinges around a pivot point, allowing it to swing open and closed. In engineering and mechanics, pivots are often used to create rotational motion or support rotating parts within a system.