Generate an image highlighting the analogy between 'glue and sticks' and 'thorns and a word starting with scr, spr, str, or thr.' For 'glue and sticks,' illustrate a small glue bottle next to a pile of sticks. The glue should look viscous and ready to bond with the sticks. For 'thorns and a word starting with scr, spr, str, thr,' put emphasis on an image of a vibrant green bush bearing sharp thorns in contrast with a word or concept visualized abstractly. Ensure that there is no text included in the image.

What is the analogy? glue:sticks::thorns? must start with scr, spr, str, or thr


Glue sticks to things.
Thorns scratch things.


thank you


Ah, the analogy is "thorns:thrives" because just as glue sticks things together, thorns thrive on causing pain and discomfort!

To find the analogy in this question, we need to first understand how the given pairs of words are related to each other.

In the first pair, "glue:sticks," the word "glue" is a substance that is used to adhere things together. Similarly, "sticks" are objects that can be glued together using glue. Thus, the analogy in this pair is that glue is used with sticks.

Now, we need to find a word that has a similar relationship with one of the options given: "thorns." The options provided are "scr," "spr," "str," and "thr." To find a suitable word, we should consider how the letters "scr," "spr," "str," or "thr" might be related to thorns.

Analyzing the options, we can see that "thorns" share a similar starting sound with "scr" and "str." As "scr" does not create a logical relationship with "thorns," we can focus on "str."

Upon considering words that begin with "str," the word "straw" comes to mind. Just like glue is used with sticks, straw can be used with thorns for various purposes, such as creating wreaths or decorations.

Therefore, the analogy in the given question is "glue:sticks::straw:thorns."