squanto and samoset helped the pilgrams at plymouth make a treaty with


squanto grew up a member of which tribe?

what where the basics of georgia

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9 months ago

To find out the answers to your questions:

1. To know which tribe Squanto grew up with, you can visit the website mentioned (http://members.aol.com/calebj/squanto.html) to get detailed information about Squanto's background and his affiliation with the tribe.

2. Regarding the basics of Georgia, you can search for general information about the state of Georgia. However, since "basics" is a broad term, it is helpful to narrow down the specific aspect you are interested in, such as its geography, history, economy, or culture. This will allow you to find more specific and detailed information about the topic.

You can use search engines like Google or Bing to easily find relevant information about both questions. Simply enter your questions or keywords related to the topics and explore the search results to gather the information you need.