I have to write a persuasive paragraph on the following question: What should be the job of a scientist?Pick one to argue: a) Create more synthetic substances. Fore example: synthetic elements, genetically modified food b) Study substances that naturally exist. I pick synthetic substances, but have no idea what to write

i didn't meant that! I meant natural, im so against synthetic, i only eat organic and all that stuf!







To write a persuasive paragraph on the topic of the job of a scientist and specifically focusing on creating more synthetic substances, you can follow these steps:

1. Begin by introducing the topic and briefly explaining the role of scientists in society.

2. State your argument clearly: "The job of a scientist should be focused on creating more synthetic substances."

3. Provide evidence and examples to support your argument. You can refer to the sources provided to gather information on the benefits and advancements of synthetic substances, such as synthetic elements and genetically modified food.

4. Discuss the potential positive impact of synthetic substances, such as advancements in medicine, technology, and addressing global challenges like food scarcity.

5. Highlight the role of innovation and experimentation in scientific research and emphasize how creating synthetic substances can contribute to scientific progress.

6. Address potential counterarguments or concerns about synthetic substances, such as safety or ethical issues, and try to provide counterpoints or solutions to these concerns.

7. Conclude your paragraph by summarizing your main points and reiterating your argument, leaving the reader with a strong and persuasive closing statement.

Note: It seems that you changed your mind and now want to argue for studying substances that naturally exist. For this topic, you can follow a similar structure but provide evidence and examples that support the importance of studying natural substances. You can use the provided sources to gather information on organic farming and the benefits of natural substances in various fields of study.

Make sure to critically analyze the sources you use, considering factors such as reliability, credibility, and biases. Use the information gathered from the sources to form your own arguments and maintain a balanced perspective.