in alphabetical order which comes first


I don't know, but I added new folders with those titles to my hard drive, which arranges the folders alphabetically. It put "brother's" first.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

To determine the alphabetical order, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by comparing the first letter of each word. In this case, "b" is the first letter for both words.
2. If the first letters are the same, move on to the second letters. In this case, both words have "r" as the second letter.
3. Continue comparing each subsequent letter until you find a difference.
4. In this case, the difference occurs on the eighth letter. The word "brother's" has an apostrophe ('), while "brothers" does not.
5. Apostrophes do not have a specific position in the alphabet, so they are generally ignored when sorting alphabetically. Therefore, "brother's" is considered to come before "brothers" because " ' " comes before any letter in the alphabet.
6. Therefore, in alphabetical order, "brother's" comes before "brothers".

Please note that different programs or systems may have variations in how they handle special characters like apostrophes, so the specific sorting order may vary.