Scroll down to the sections on Action Verbs and Linking Verbs. The explanations are really good and there are LOTS of examples to help you understand each term better.

Predicate nouns and adjectives are just what comes on the "other side" of a linking verb. If it's a pred noun, it'll be the same as the subject; if it's a pred adjective, it'll be describing the subject.
Scroll or look down a bit and find the explanation and examples of these two functions of nouns and adjectives.
Here's another with good explanation and examples -- and a little quiz you can test yourself with.

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Danggg this was in 2006?! She's a full grown adult now! Hope she's successful...

Thank you for sharing the resources! I can definitely help explain the concepts of action verbs, linking verbs, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives.

An action verb is a word that expresses an action or a state of being. It shows what the subject of a sentence is doing. For example, in the sentence "She runs fast," the action verb is "runs" because it shows what the subject, "she," is doing.

On the other hand, a linking verb is a word that connects the subject of a sentence to a noun, pronoun, or adjective that describes or renames the subject. It does not show action, but rather it links the subject to additional information. For example, in the sentence "He is happy," the linking verb "is" connects the subject, "he," to the predicate adjective "happy," describing his state of being.

Now let's move on to predicate nouns and predicate adjectives. These terms refer to the words that come after a linking verb and provide additional information about the subject.

A predicate noun (pred noun) is a noun or pronoun that renames or identifies the subject. It comes after the linking verb and reiterates the subject's identity. For example, in the sentence "She is a doctor," the predicate noun "doctor" renames or identifies the subject "she."

A predicate adjective (pred adjective) is an adjective that describes or modifies the subject. It comes after the linking verb and provides more information about the subject's characteristics. For example, in the sentence "The sky is blue," the predicate adjective "blue" describes the subject "sky."

To learn more about these concepts and see more examples, you can refer to the resources you shared:
- The website provides explanations and examples for action verbs and linking verbs.
- The website explains predicate nouns and adjectives.
- The website offers further explanation and a quiz to test your understanding.

Feel free to ask any more questions if you need further clarification!