I need to do a report on the Mediterranean. I need to know the growing seasons and animals in the Mediterranean.


"Mediterranean type of climate where plant growth occurs during the winter and dormancy during the summer. "

You can find further information on this site:


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9 months ago

To gather information about the growing seasons and animals in the Mediterranean, you can start by visiting the website provided: http://www.radford.edu/~swoodwar/CLASSES/GEOG235/biomes/medit/medit.html

Once you access the website, look for sections or headings that discuss the climate and biodiversity of the Mediterranean region. These sections should provide information on the growing seasons and the types of animals found in the area.

It might be helpful to read through the entire webpage to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Mediterranean climate and its impact on plant growth. This will also give you insights into the different animal species that thrive in this region.

Additionally, you can further your research by using reputable search engines and academic databases. These sources can provide you with more in-depth information, scholarly articles, or research studies on the topic.

Remember to take notes while reading and cite your sources properly in your report to avoid plagiarism.