I need to write a paragraph on Identifying the demographics and characteristics of my customer( or consumer). What the customer needs will my product attempt to meet?

My product or business is a shoe company that sells for all ages and all shoes sizes.

Please help me. If you can write a sample one to help me get off on the right foot that would be wonderful.

What is the age distribution of your customers? How many in each age range: How do those ages relate to shoe sizes? Is the gender population other than 50:50?

Characteristics: Does the population wear casual shoes or more formal to work, to school? It there a lot of rain wear? In females, is there a pronounced tendency to /or not to wear high heels? It the population trendy?

We will be happy to critique your work or thinking.

Here's a sample paragraph to help you get started:

"In order to effectively meet the needs of our diverse customer base, it is crucial to identify the demographics and characteristics of our consumers. Our shoe company caters to customers of all ages and shoe sizes, making it necessary to understand the age distribution among our target audience. By analyzing the data, we can determine how many customers fall into each age range and their corresponding shoe sizes. Additionally, it is important to consider the gender population and whether it deviates from a 50:50 distribution. By understanding the demographics, we can tailor our product offerings to suit the needs of different age groups and genders.

Moving on to characteristics, it is essential to know whether our customers prefer casual or formal shoes for various occasions. This information will help us determine the balance between designing comfortable everyday shoes and stylish formal footwear. Additionally, we should investigate if our consumer population requires shoes suitable for rainy conditions. By offering rain-resistant footwear, we can better meet their needs. In terms of female customers, it is crucial to assess their inclination towards wearing high heels. Understanding this preference will allow us to design and market products that align with their demands. Lastly, analyzing whether our consumer base tends to follow trends will enable us to create fashionable and relevant shoe designs.

By delving into these demographics and characteristics, we can gain valuable insights into our customer base. This will guide us in effectively meeting their needs and providing them with the appropriate range of shoes for all ages and sizes."

Remember, this is just a sample paragraph, and you can modify it according to your specific requirements. Also, feel free to conduct further research or seek feedback to enhance your understanding and ensure accuracy in identifying your target audience.