please simplify why owls have 2 stomachs

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Owls do not have two stomachs. They actually have a single stomach, like most birds and animals. The confusion may arise from the fact that owls have a unique digestive system that can make it appear as if they have two stomachs.

The first part of an owl's digestive system is the proventriculus, which functions like a typical stomach. It secretes digestive enzymes to break down the food. The partially digested food then moves to the second part, called the ventriculus or gizzard. The gizzard is a muscular organ that helps grind and further break down the food using small stones or grit that the owl swallows. This process aids in the digestion of harder items such as bones and feathers that make up a significant portion of an owl's diet.

So, while owls don't have two separate stomachs, their unique digestive system has two distinct parts that perform different functions in the digestion process.