is this sentence grammatically correct:

"nous avons parlé beaucoup de français?"

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P.S. Except capitalize "Nous."

this sentence is correct grammatically but it means in french.

what is the english for this sentence???

It means:

"We have spoken (in) French a lot".

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Another translation is "We spoke (did speak, have spoken) a lot of French!"



so the right translation is
nous avons beaucoup parlé en français
nous avons beaucoup parlé le français
(but the first is better)

Yes, the sentence "Nous avons parlé beaucoup de français?" is grammatically correct in French. It translates to "Did we speak a lot of French?" in English. It is composed of the following parts:

1. "Nous" - This is the subject pronoun "we" in French.
2. "avons parlé" - This is the compound verb phrase "avons parlé" which means "we spoke" or "we have spoken" in English. It combines the conjugated form of the verb "avoir" (to have) with the past participle "parlé" (spoken).
3. "beaucoup de" - This means "a lot of" or "much" in English. It is used here to indicate the amount of French that was spoken.
4. "français" - This is the noun "français" which means "French" in English. It is the object of the sentence, indicating the language that was spoken.

To check the grammatical correctness of a sentence in French, you can analyze each component of the sentence and make sure they agree in terms of gender and number. In this case, "nous" is the plural form of "we," "avons parlé" agrees with the subject, "beaucoup de" functions as an adverbial phrase, and "français" agrees in gender with the noun it modifies.