After scientist analyze the results of their experiment they_____?

Introduction, hypothesis, data, result, conclusion.

They usually write a report explaining what they found out.

After scientists analyze the results of their experiment, they typically perform the following steps:

1. Interpret the data: Scientists examine the collected data to identify any patterns or trends. They look for significant findings and compare the experimental results with their initial hypothesis.

2. Draw conclusions: Based on the data analysis, scientists draw conclusions to determine whether the experiment validated or refuted their hypothesis. They also consider any limitations or uncertainties in the results.

3. Discuss implications: Scientists consider the broader implications and significance of their findings in the context of existing scientific knowledge. They may explore the practical applications of their results and identify potential avenues for further research.

4. Communicate the results: Scientists typically prepare a research paper or report detailing their experiment, analysis, conclusions, and implications. They may present their findings at conferences or publish their work in scientific journals for the benefit of the scientific community and wider audience.

5. Peer review: If the research paper is submitted to a scientific journal, it goes through a peer-review process. Other experts in the field review the paper to ensure the quality and validity of the experiment, analysis, and conclusions.

6. Revise and refine: If necessary, scientists may revise their analysis or experiment based on feedback received during peer review or from their colleagues. This iterative process helps improve the accuracy and reliability of the research.

7. Share with the scientific community: Once the research is finalized, scientists share their findings with the scientific community through publications, conferences, or collaborations. This facilitates knowledge exchange and allows other researchers to build upon or challenge the results.

It's important to note that these steps may vary depending on the specific scientific discipline, but this generally outlines the process that scientists follow after analyzing the results of their experiments.

After scientists analyze the results of their experiment, they typically draw conclusions.