Take time to write down anything in relation to the text. If you're intrigued by certain statements or if you are attracted to characters or issues or problems, write your response.

This is the direction of journal that I have to write.
How should I write my journal following that direction?

Scroll down to the section called Reader Response Roles for some ideas.

More ideas here -- sentence-completion style!

More ideas...

Basically, it's just what your teacher instructed -- think about a character or issue or problem in the story, and then write your own reactions to it/them.


Thank you so much writeacher.

To write your journal following the given direction, you can start by reading the text or story carefully and actively engaging with it. As you read, take notes or underline any statements or elements that intrigue you or that you find interesting. These could be specific passages, ideas, characters, issues, or problems within the text.

Once you have identified these points, you can begin writing your journal entry by expressing your personal response to them. You can reflect on how they make you feel, what thoughts they provoke, or any connections you make to your own experiences or beliefs.

To further inspire your journal entry, you can refer to the suggested resources:

1. The website http://education.llnl.gov/bep/english/9/tResponse.html provides a section called "Reader Response Roles," which offers ideas on different roles you can adopt to respond to the text. These roles could include being a character, a philosopher, or a critic.

2. The PDF document http://www.cdli.ca/CITE/hc_rj_3_1.pdf provides sentence-completion style prompts that can help you structure your thoughts and guide your journal entry. These prompts offer various ways to approach your response based on the text.

3. The website http://wilearns.state.wi.us/apps/Default.asp?cid=767 offers additional ideas and approaches to generating responses to the text.

Remember, the main objective is to engage with the text and express your personal thoughts and reactions. Let your curiosity and interest guide your entry. Be open and honest in your writing, and don't be afraid to explore different perspectives or interpretations.