What is objective (in terms of literary devices)?

I've never heard this term used among the literary devices. I have used it for years for grammatical explanations.


Do you have an example you could give us so we'd have a better idea what the context is?

In literature, the term "objective" generally refers to a particular point of view or perspective used by the author to present information or tell a story. However, it is important to note that "objective" is not strictly a literary device itself, but rather an approach or style employed in the writing.

To understand the concept of an objective perspective, it is helpful to contrast it with its counterpart, the subjective perspective.

Subjective writing relies heavily on personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings of the author or narrator. It can include biased language, selective information, and emotional commentary. This approach is subjective because it is influenced by the writer's individual experiences, beliefs, and values.

On the other hand, objective writing aims to present information or convey a story in a neutral and unbiased manner. It focuses on presenting facts, evidence, and observable details without expressing personal opinions or emotions. An objective perspective allows readers to interpret the information provided based on their own understanding and judgment, rather than being guided by the author's viewpoint.

However, it is essential to recognize that true objectivity is challenging to achieve since all writing is influenced to some extent by the author's perspective. Writers often inject their own interpretations, ideas, and biases, even when attempting to be objective. Therefore, it is crucial for readers to analyze the material critically and consider potential biases or limitations in order to form their own well-informed opinions.