hey, can I get the verb forms of the words: euphemism and also the word exemplary.

You'll find a verb form for euphemism in this site.


The verb form for exemplary is exemplify.

verb form of the word durable

deby, I can find no verb form for "durable." You could say that something "lasts."

Sorry that I could not be of more help. Thanks for asking.

Of course! To find the verb forms of words, you can typically look for their base form or the infinitive form. In the case of "euphemism," which is a noun, the verb form would be "euphemize." Similarly, for the word "exemplary," the verb form would be "exemplify."

To clarify, a euphemism is a word or phrase used to replace a more direct or blunt expression, often to make it more socially or culturally acceptable. For example, using "passed away" instead of "died" is a euphemism.

On the other hand, the word exemplary is used to describe something that serves as an excellent example or model. The verb form "exemplify" means to serve as an example or to illustrate something.

Remember, when looking for verb forms, it's helpful to be familiar with the base or infinitive forms of words, as verb forms often stem from them.