What is the climax of the book Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix? Also, what is the setting (time and place)?

Thank you!

To find the climax of the book Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix, you can follow a simple process.

1. Read the book: Start by reading the entire book, paying close attention to the major events and conflicts that occur.

2. Identify key moments: Look for the most dramatic and intense moments in the story. These are often turning points that significantly impact the characters or the overall plot.

3. Look for rising action: Consider the events that lead up to the climax. The climax is typically the most intense and crucial moment, following a period of rising action, where the conflicts and tensions reach their peak.

4. Identify the climax: Once you have identified the key moments and considered the rising action, you should be able to pinpoint the climax of the book. It's the moment where everything comes to a head, leading to a resolution or a significant turning point.

Regarding the setting of Among the Free, the time and place are important elements in understanding the story:

- Time: Among the Free is part of the "Shadow Children" series, which is set in a dystopian future. The exact time is not explicitly mentioned in the book, but it is a time when having more than two children is illegal.

- Place: The story mainly takes place in a fictional country known as the United States of America. This future version of America has strict population control and a totalitarian government. While specific locations within the country are not mentioned, the book focuses on the struggles of the main character, Luke Garner, and his fight for freedom within this oppressive system.

By following these steps, reading the book, and paying attention to the key moments, you can discover the climax and better understand the time and place in Among the Free.