Hi. My name is Niels, and i come from Denmark. i go to business school, and i am doing a project right now about North Korea.

it is includes the two subjects: society, and international economy.
the exact thing i am writing about is: North Koreas economy, the people in North Korea and North Korea's future.
i am going to an examination soon, where i have to tell some of the most important things in my project, but i also have to include some new things. i hope you can help me, with which new things would be good to include.
the best regards, Niels

There have been important new developments in trade and diplomatic relations between North and South Korea. You can read about them at


Also, a special manufacturing zone of North Korea, at Gaeseong, is being opened to South Korean and foreign companies.

Hi Niels! It's great to hear that you're working on a project about North Korea for your business school. When it comes to discussing new aspects to include in your examination, here are a few suggestions:

1. Economic Reforms: North Korea has recently implemented some economic reforms such as allowing limited private markets and entrepreneurship. You could explore the effects of these reforms on the North Korean economy and its people.

2. International Sanctions: North Korea has been under various international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons program. Delve into the impact of these sanctions on the country's economy, particularly in terms of trade, foreign investment, and overall economic growth.

3. Technological Advancements: Highlight how North Korea is attempting to develop its technology sector, such as their focus on IT and digital innovation. Discuss the potential challenges and opportunities this presents for their future economy.

4. Inter-Korean Relations: Analyze the recent developments in inter-Korean relations, particularly any economic cooperative projects between North and South Korea. Look at how these projects may shape North Korea's economic future and the possible impacts on the lives of North Korean citizens.

5. Tourism Potential: North Korea has been promoting tourism in recent years, targeting both Chinese and Western tourists. Explore the potential for tourism in North Korea and how it may impact the economy and society of the country.

Remember, it's crucial to support your examination points with credible sources such as academic journals, books, news articles, and reports from international organizations. Good luck with your project and examination, Niels!

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