hi its me and my friend this time..all we need to know is what the theme is..that other website did not help much with the theme...


This is an excellent collection of literary terms' definitions and explanations. Look up what you need here, and then think of your story in these terms.

Let us know what you come up with.

it does seem to help a bit..but i don't get what the theme would be for this novel...it's sort of confusing

Hello! I'd be happy to help you with determining the theme. In order to understand the theme of a text or a website, you can follow a few steps:

1. Read the text carefully: Start by reading the content or analyzing the website thoroughly. Pay attention to the main ideas, arguments, and the overall message conveyed.

2. Identify recurring elements: Look for any patterns or recurring ideas, motifs, symbols, or images throughout the text. These elements can provide clues about the underlying theme.

3. Consider the author's purpose: Think about what the author or website creator is trying to communicate. Are they presenting an argument, persuading readers, informing, entertaining, or something else? Understanding the purpose can give insight into the overall theme.

4. Analyze character development (if applicable): If the website or text contains characters, pay attention to their journey, conflicts, and development. Their experiences and growth can give hints about the theme.

5. Summarize the main message: After considering the above points, try to summarize the main message or central idea of the content. This overarching message can often reveal the theme.

By applying these steps, you should be able to identify the theme effectively. If you provide me with more specific information about the content or website, I can help you further in determining its theme.