i am doing a book report on "dead girls don't write letters"

i am not sure who is the protagonist and the antagonist...

i need help....

i also need to know what the theme of the story really is

This article will give you the answers.


so...ummm...sunny is the main character and jazz is the antagonist???

Hello! I'd be happy to help you with your book report on "Dead Girls Don't Write Letters." To identify the protagonist and antagonist, we need to understand their roles in the story.

The protagonist is typically the main character or the character whose journey we follow throughout the book. They are usually the ones driving the story forward. On the other hand, the antagonist is the character or force that opposes the protagonist, creating conflict and obstacles for them to overcome.

To determine the protagonist, think about the character who experiences the most significant growth or change during the story. Whose perspective dominates the narrative? Whose actions and decisions have the most impact on the plot?

Similarly, to identify the antagonist, consider the character or force that poses the most significant challenges for the protagonist. Who or what is in direct conflict with the protagonist's goals and desires?

When dealing with multiple characters, it can sometimes be challenging to pinpoint a single protagonist or antagonist, especially in complex narratives. In "Dead Girls Don't Write Letters," the main character seems to be the person receiving the letters from the supposedly dead sister, and the antagonist may be the person sending those letters or someone else who tries to hinder the protagonist's journey.

To determine the specific characters in those roles, I suggest carefully analyzing the story, paying attention to character development, motivations, and conflicts. Look for patterns, interactions, and any clues the author gives you about who holds these roles.