In the book "A Clockwork Orange" what motivates Alex to choose to be "good" by excersing his free will?

I think it is his boredom that motivates him, but I need to expand upon that idea. Can YOU help me with this? What motivates him? Thank you very much.

I have never read that work, but you might find some information in the sections in these websites on Characters or in the particular part of the story when this change takes place.


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In the book "A Clockwork Orange," the main character Alex initially derives pleasure and motivation from committing acts of violence and crime. However, his motivation to choose to be "good" and exercise his free will can be attributed to a combination of factors.

One possible motivator is indeed boredom. Alex becomes disillusioned with his previous lifestyle of violence and realizes that it no longer brings him the thrill and excitement it once did. He grows tired of the monotonous cycle of violence and starts to question its purpose and meaning.

Another factor that motivates Alex to choose to be "good" is the conditioning he undergoes as part of the Ludovico Technique. In an attempt to reform him, Alex is subjected to a series of aversion therapy sessions that involve watching violent and disturbing films while being administered a drug that induces nausea and pain. This conditioning associates violence with intense physical discomfort, thereby making Alex repulsed by it.

Additionally, Alex's encounter with betrayal plays a crucial role in his transformation. He is betrayed by his friends and the government, both of whom manipulate him for their own agendas. This betrayal makes him question the validity of his previous beliefs and attachments. He begins to feel a sense of empathy towards his victims and realizes the harm he has caused.

It is also worth noting that Alex's motivation to be "good" may stem from a desire for personal growth and self-discovery. The experiences he goes through force him to confront his own morality and question the values he once held. In doing so, he finds a new sense of purpose and identity outside of the cycle of violence.

To gain a deeper understanding of the motivations behind Alex's transformation, I suggest exploring the resources you provided, such as the summaries and analysis available on SparkNotes and Gradesaver. Additionally, reading the actual book itself will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the character's motivations and the themes explored in the story.