At the end of a Private Limited Companie they have LTD and at the end of a Public limited companie they have PLC but what do multinational companies have (if they have anything)

Multinational companies typically don't have any specific abbreviations or markers at the end of their names. Unlike private limited companies (LTD) and public limited companies (PLC), multinational companies are defined by their global presence and operations in multiple countries.

While there is no universal abbreviation for multinational companies, they are often recognized by their well-established brand names, which are commonly known and recognized worldwide. These companies frequently have a diverse range of products or services, a strong international presence, and often operate in diverse industries.

Multinational companies may also be referred to using broader terms like "global corporation," "international enterprise," or simply by their full company name without any specific suffix. It's worth noting that some multinational companies may incorporate different legal structures for their operations in various countries, but this is not usually reflected in their names or abbreviations.