Designan exprriment or a way of finding out if a plant actully moves

Using a movie or video camera that takes one image every few seconds would help to verify this. (This has already been done.)
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You don't need an experiment. An experiment might be used to determine if some event is influencing the movement.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

To design an experiment to determine if a plant actually moves, you can follow these steps:

1. Select a plant species known for its movement, such as the sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) or the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). These plants are well-studied and exhibit noticeable movements.

2. Set up a controlled environment where you can observe the plant undisturbed. This can be a simple setup on a table or desk near a window where the plant can receive adequate sunlight.

3. Use a stationary camera or a smartphone with time-lapse photography capability to capture images of the plant at regular intervals. Aim for taking an image every few seconds to capture any subtle movements.

4. Position the camera in a way that it provides a clear view of the plant and its movements. Ensure proper lighting to avoid any shadows that could distort the observations.

5. Start recording the plant's movements and keep the camera running for an extended period, preferably overnight or for several days. This will allow you to capture a significant amount of time to observe any movements.

6. After collecting the images, review the footage or series of images to analyze any observable movements. Look for changes in leaf positions, leaflet folding, or other noticeable motion that can indicate plant movement.

7. Compare the captured images or footage to the initial position of the plant to determine if there has been any significant movement.

8. Repeat the experiment with multiple plants of the same species to ensure the observations are consistent.

9. Document your findings and observations, noting any patterns or trends in plant movements.

It's worth noting that the experiment may not be necessary if you are looking to verify whether plants generally move. As mentioned, many studies and research have already demonstrated plant movement. Therefore, you can consult scientific literature, reliable websites, or documentaries that explore this topic to learn more about plant movements.