I have a question for anyone who has used:

The Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Scale-3 (SATAQ-3)

The Body Comparison Scale (BCS)

The Physical Appearance Scale (PACS)

I am planning on using them in my study...however I am confused to the scoring. The SATAQ-3 and BCS have subscales on them, the PACS is just a five-item measure.

I have looked through countless journals, including the validation journals for these measures on the scoring. I have tried emailing the authors of these measures too, but no response....

I am presuming for example on the SATAQ-3 there is a subscale for internalisation (general), the higher the score on this subscale the higher the level of internalisation.

But my tutor brought to my attention, how do we know what is a 'high' level of internalisation etc.

If anyone has used these measures please enlighten me on how you assessed your data.

Thanks so much


I have not used these tests or done testing in quite a while. However, with the tests I used, there were usually directions packed with them or a booklet available concerning the scoring.

The higher the level of internalization, the more the person accepts external values as their own.

I searched Google under the key words "SATAQ-3" but the sources required membership or fees to get more details.


You can try similar searches forthe other tests.

I am sorry that I cannot be of more help. Thanks for asking.

Hi Daisy, did you ever get an answer to how to score the PACS and the SATAQ? Im using both of these measures as well in my research and have been avidly searching as well. Please post the link to scoring information if so. Thank you.

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