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Okay heres the pic. There is a plane with points B,D, and E.those [oints are collinear in the plane. And also outside of the plane is points A, and C. and those points are collinear outside of the plane.thought Line AC intersect at point B of the line BDE.FOr line AC the C is somewhat disatached from A with a breakeage in between leaving a ray of C as well/

Question: Name 4 Coplanar Points
with this same picture
Question: How many planes contain the given point and line?
a. line DB and Point A
b. line BD and point E
c. line AC and point D
d. line EB and point C

you just have to tell the number please help and thanks

Geo Hons = ??? - Writeacher, Monday, September 12, 2011

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3 answers
  1. C is correct Ms. Alexander H.

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  2. Kidding bro

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  3. I'm not sure i just took the thing and it said it was c it depends on what class you are in.

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