what is the example of institutional advertising?

I have tried to find it, but i couldn't.
someone please help me.

Here's the definition:

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A good example is the ubiquitous McDonald's arches. Even very young children associate these arches with McDonald's.

Institutional advertising refers to advertising that aims to promote the overall image and reputation of a company or organization, rather than promoting specific products or services. It focuses on building brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among consumers.

To find an example of institutional advertising, you can start by researching well-known companies or organizations that often use this type of advertising. Some common examples include:

1. McDonald's: The iconic golden arches are a perfect example of institutional advertising. By prominently displaying the arches in their advertisements, McDonald's aims to create brand recognition and association with their fast-food chain.

2. Coca-Cola: Through their various advertising campaigns, Coca-Cola portrays itself as a happy, refreshing, and universally loved brand. Their advertisements often focus on themes like happiness, togetherness, and celebration, which helps to build a positive image for the company.

3. Nike: Nike uses institutional advertising to portray itself as a brand that promotes athleticism, determination, and achieving goals. Their advertisements often feature famous athletes and inspirational stories, helping to establish Nike's reputation as a leader in sportswear.

When searching for other examples, you can try looking for well-known companies with strong brand reputations. Visit their websites, browse through their advertisements, or search for articles or case studies discussing their institutional advertising strategies.