How do I do these powers?


So it is really:

Raise each inside the parentheses to the third.
23*(a5)3 = ??

I don't get it!Here is what I got:

*Also how do you do the powers for the numbers on here?

almost but not quite. 2*2*2 = 8 which is correct.
but (a^5)*(a^3)=a^8 BUT
so your answer should have been 8a15.

How do we made superscripts and subscripts? It is a pain in the bottom and most of us don't use it except for instances (as in the one above) where it is easy to misunderstand what is written. First you write < followed by sup follwed by > and that gets the superscript. When you get to the end of the superscript part you must turn superscripts off. Do that by < followed by / followed by sup followed by >.
The tag (that is < and >) can be used for sub to get subscripts, with i to get italics, with b to get bold. Etc. It helps to do things like thisso we can emphasize certain portions <fontcolor=red)of our work</fontcolor=red>. I hope this turns out ok.

The font color = red didn't work. I must have done something wrong.

:O im in year meant to do that? *hides under pillow* i shall never make 9th year maths

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