Here are some true or false questions.

1. T or F The fertilized eggs of both chickens and frogs are surrounded by a jelly like layer? I think true.

3. T or F A chicken goes through as many changes as a frog does before it fully becomes an adult? I also think true.

Please just tell me if im right! Thx in advance.

You are not right in either instance.

ok then am I fight on this
2. T or F Frog eggs are laid in the water and chocken eggs are laid on land? I find this TRUE.

I meant right not fight

yes, chicken eggs are laid in nests out of water.

good Now when you open an egg there is a jelly like substance or whatever, wouldn't the vitamins in it protect the chick from dying?????

because the chick would eat the food or something like that????

When you open an egg, you may see a jelly-like substance, which is called the albumen or egg white. This substance is not meant to protect the chick from dying, but rather to provide physical support and cushioning for the developing embryo inside the egg. The albumen contains proteins that help nourish the developing chick.

Inside the egg, there is also a yolk, which is a source of nutrients for the developing embryo. The yolk contains vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that are essential for the growth and development of the chick.

However, the chick does not directly consume the contents of the egg. As it develops, it absorbs the nutrients from the yolk through its yolk sac, which is attached to its abdomen. The yolk sac acts as a source of nourishment for the chick until it fully hatches and is ready to begin eating on its own.

So while the nutrients in the egg are essential for the chick's development, it doesn't directly eat the jelly-like substance or the yolk. Instead, it absorbs the necessary nutrients through the yolk sac.