I searched for herbal remedies medieval and these are the results. I hope there's something useful in here for you.


I am doing herb lore for the Middle Ages S+E and I cannot find any sites that show how they used it like in paragraphs. All I have managed to find is poisons and I have put that down. But today my teacher said i need herbal remedies not recipes for it but maybe what they believed would work. Thanks if ya reply =D

please help its due soon i know i may be being impatient its my main mark for the report!

Would someone please suggest a site?


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9 months ago

I understand that you are looking for sites that provide information about herbal remedies in the Middle Ages. I apologize if you haven't been successful in finding detailed paragraphs about how they were used. Here are a few suggestions to help you find the information you need:

1. Start by refining your search query: Instead of searching for "herbal remedies medieval," try using more specific keywords like "herbal remedies in the Middle Ages" or "herbal medicine in medieval times." This can help narrow down the results to more relevant sources.

2. Utilize academic databases: Check if your school or local library provides access to academic databases such as JSTOR, PubMed, or Google Scholar. These databases contain scholarly articles and research papers that may have detailed information about herbal remedies in the Middle Ages.

3. Explore historical books or manuscripts: Look for books or manuscripts specific to the topic of medieval herbal remedies. Libraries, both physical and online, often have collections of historical texts that you can access. Some examples of such texts include "Herbal: The Essential Guide to Herbs for Living" by Deni Bown or "Medieval Herbals: The Illustrative Traditions" by Minta Collins.

4. Seek out reputable history or herbal medicine websites: Websites dedicated to history or herbal medicine may have well-researched articles or compilations on the topic. Check for websites that have reliable authors or organizations associated with them. Examples include the Medieval Institute Publications or the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Remember, when conducting research, it's important to critically evaluate the sources you find for credibility and accuracy. Aim for reliable and authoritative sources to ensure the information you include in your report is trustworthy.